Born march 15, 1981 in Tambov, Russia.

From 1988 till 1994 was a student of the musical school # 2. Graduated with excellent marks.

From 1997 till 2001 was a student of Tambov State Musical-Pedagogical University named after S.V. Rahmaninov.

Endorser of brand labels: YAMAHA (drums and percussion), SABIAN (cymbals), EVANS (drumheads), PRO-MARK (drumsticks), SENNHEISER (microphones), 64AUDIO (in-ear monitors).

Since 2001 lives in Moscow, Russia and works as a sessional drummer.

2001-2016 - has been taking part in such projects as:

Noize MC, MARUV, BI-2, Timur Rodriguez, INOVA, Gorky Park, Vasya Oblomov, Easy M, Radio Chacha, Naik Borzov, Triatom, The Stokes, Rondo, Tokio, Keta, Yulia Savicheva, Joseph Kobzon, "Chelsea", Selfieman, Pavel Plamenev, Dima Bilan, Japan Tour 2007 with Anna Tsuchiya, "Priklucheniya Electronikov", Tesla Boy, "Nogu Svelo!", "Blondinka Ksyu", "Sector Gaza", "Fantastica", "Shashki", «Module".

Drum course

Education individually for each student. The level of training is determined on the first lesson and depends on the personal preferences of students.

For beginners, the course lasts 2 years and includes:

  • Hand-to-Hand Technique
  • Basic Drum Playing Techinque
  • Playing, Counting, Play-Along Assignment
  • Drum Set Coordination
  • Playing With a Metronome
  • Listening, Analysis and Learning Styles
  • How To Set Up Drums
  • Ensemble Playing

Courses are individual. For a student 1-2 times a week, depending on the level of training.




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